It’s a Beautiful Day in the Your Neighborhood


Living in a condominium has its advantages, but it can also present its own unique set of challenges. When everyone plays by the same rules and treats others like they would like to be treated, condo living can become a delight.


Know the Rules of Your Community


Community rules and guidelines were created so that every resident can enjoy a peaceful and safe environment. Every community has an established set of building and resident rules and guidelines. Among others, those can include policies for noise levels, size and number of pets, trash and recycling procedures, guest policies and the proper use of shared amenity spaces and common areas. Learn and practice the “do’s” and “don’ts” of your building. If you don’t understand a rule, reach out to a HOA board member or contact Townsmen Properties for clarification.



Noise is the most common complaint we hear from condo residents. It’s important to have a realistic expectation for the noise levels of those living around you, but you need to take note of your frustrations to make sure you aren’t guilty of creating the same frustrations for your neighbors. Observe building rules pertaining to general noise levels respect “quiet” hours and weekend restrictions. Regularly hammering at 1am, running the vacuum at 11pm or playing chase with your pet at 6am will most likely upset your neighbors. When having work done by contractors, make them aware of the building’s noise restrictions. If you plan on hosting a special gathering that may potentially be loud, common courtesy is to give your neighbors a heads up (just don’t make it a habit to throw loud parties on a regular basis).


While hardwood floors have been (and still are) a popular design choice, they aren’t very good at blocking sounds made when walking around, moving a chair to sit down or other daily activities. Consider placing carpets and rugs throughout your home to help muffle the sounds. (Check your HOA rules to confirm if a minimum percentage of your condo’s wood floors have to be covered to mitigate sound transmission.)


Issues or Concerns with Fellow Residents


While we hope that everyone will live in harmony, that’s not always the case. A fellow resident may not be aware they are doing something you find inappropriate. Avoid leaving a note on their door or posting on social media about the problem. Many times a polite exchange can help solve a complaint or concern quickly and easily. If a situation becomes tense, don’t hesitate to call Townsmen Properties to help diffuse it and keep the peace.


Be a Good Pet Owner

Many condos allow dogs and other pets. For those that do, make sure they are not an inconvenience to other residents. Don’t allow your dog to run unrestrained in hallways and common spaces. Leash them when walking outside of your unit and don’t forget to check your supply of doggie clean-up bags before you leave. More and more towns and cities are now enforcing dog licensing. To avoid a possible fine, make sure your dog’s license is current and attached to its leash or collar.

If your pet is prone to barking or making other loud noises when you’re not home, exercise them before you leave. Other tips to prevent them from being a nuisance to your neighbors when you’re away is to leave a radio, fan or TV on for “white” noise, keep them confined to a quiet part of your home, leave chew toys or treat dispensers to keep them occupied, close drapes and curtains so they won’t be distracted by things happening outside, hire a dog walker to take them out or have someone stop by to keep them company.


Garbage and Recycling


Proper disposal of garbage will help keep odors and bugs under control. Know what items can be recycled and which ones should be tossed into the trash. Place garbage and recycling in specified receptacles and never leave leaking bags on the floor of the trash room. If your building has a trash chute, don’t attempt to stuff an oversize bag into it. When you need to dispose of furniture, outdoor items, small appliances, electronics, paint cans or holiday decorations, check your HOA guidelines or contact Townsmen Properties for more information.




If you’re fortunate to have on-site parking, be respectful (like parking within the lines and not hogging up more than one space). For buildings with assigned spaces, don’t park in someone else’s space unless you have their permission. If a “guest” space is unoccupied and you need a place to park, that doesn’t make it okay to do so. Let your guests know where they can park before they arrive.


Be Friendly and Helpful


You can help create a more friendly and engaged community by simply saying “hello” or giving a quick smile to your neighbors. When new owners move in, make it a point to introduce yourself and welcome them to the building. Everyone wins when neighbors are helpful, lend a hand, loan a tool or make recommendations for local services and restaurants.


Make a Difference


The easy way out is to sit back and grumble about issues and complaints you have about your building and/or neighbors. The better alternative is to become a part of your community to positively affect change. Be proactive and not reactive. When everyone works together, the common goals and interests of the community are strengthened.


Being a respectful, courteous and helpful neighbor can make condo living more enjoyable and help create a more engaged community in the process. Following these simple recommendations can help make every day a beautiful day in your neighborhood.


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