"Townsmen Properties are the most consummate professionals any association can hire. The contrast between them and other management companies is vast to say the least. All concerns are addressed quickly, reports are timely and they are regularly seen around the building simply reviewing the grounds. Exceptional service, I do not hesitate to recommend them to any association."

Dawn Riccuitti

"I cannot say enough about Keith and Herb and the team at Townsmen Properties. They have been managing the Presidential since 2011 and what a transformation it has been. Beyond the technical understanding of a building’s mechanical functions, the most important aspect of a property management company is response time, accessibility and communication and they exceed in every aspect. What has been done in the past six years is amazing from new boilers , interior hallway, design and construction of a 52 spot parking garage, and renovation and managing the rental unit, they go above and beyond what any other management will do to improve a property. They treat the Presidential with the pride and respect as there own home and has made the Presidential a desirable place to live ."

Matthew Crescio, President, The Presidential Condominium Association

"We have used Townsmen Properties as our management company for over 3 years. When they took over our reserve account was near zero and our aged receivables were outrageous. Within a year our receivables were nearly up to date. Townsmen Properties also saved us a substantial amount of money on our insurance and other services. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend them"

Maryann Wood, Board President, Ocean Place Condominium Association

"As our management partners, Townsmen Properties consistently lives up to their core values by providing exceptional service in managing the day to day operations of our association. Their hands on approach and responsiveness to our needs is impeccable. Their experience and expertise in property management and their high level of professionalism and integrity are outstanding. They are a great asset to our association."

Kym Martell, Board President, Parkside Manor Condominium Association

"Townsmen Properties provides consistent, quality service to their clients via frequent communication and prompt responsiveness."

Kelly Vostal, Board Secretary, 413-415 Third Avenue Condominium Association

"Townsmen has, and continues to be, extraordinarily attentive to the multiple demands of our home and community. Informative and frequent communications from Townsmen have greatly helped our building address multiple demands, and improve our community's quality of living."

John Carter, Board Vice President, The Bradley Condominium Association

"Townsmen Properties has made owning a condo 50 miles from our primary residence possible. Their attention to the daily demands of the property is always consistent and makes this worry free for us…. and the best part is, they are really great people!"

Elaine Lipani, Board Secretary, 301 8th Avenue Condo Association

"Just want to drop you a note to let you know, in case you haven't seen the paperwork yet, that Gino and I have sold the condo. Didn't expect it to happen so fast; thought we would have it through at least the summer. Guess you can never tell in this market. We want to thank you for always keeping us informed with what was going on at the condo and for always answering our questions, sending us documents, etc. You have a great team! Who knows maybe our paths will cross again in the future."

Sue Dos Santos, Past Unit Owner, Park Lane Condominium Association

"Dear Herb and Keith, As you both know, i will be closing on the sale of my condo shortly. I would like to take this time to tell you that it has been a heartfelt pleasure to work with Townsmen Management in restoring the integrity of our association's operation and getting us back on track with the maintenance and improvement of our complex. It is refreshing to have actual owner/operators being involved with the day to day handling of all facets of Woodland Square Condo's, displaying obvious skills in not only the accounting side of the business but as well as the maintenance side. Your lightning quick responses to emails and phone calls is simply incredible and mind-boggling as to how you can do that on a consistent basis. There was no challenge, no matter how great, that you could not solve or handle for us. Keith and Herb, you are easily approachable, kind, understanding, and simply genuinely nice people to work with. I will sorely miss both of you and your entire team at Townsmen Management."

Robert Budnick, President, Woodland Square Condominium Association