Dear Herb and Keith,
As you both know, i will be closing on the sale of my condo shortly. I would like to take this time to tell you that it has been a heartfelt pleasure to work with Townsmen Management in restoring the integrity of our association’s operation and getting us back on track with the maintenance and improvement of our complex. It is refreshing to have actual owner/operators being involved with the day to day handling of all facets of Woodland Square Condo’s, displaying obvious skills in not only the accounting side of the business but as well as the maintenance side. Your lightning quick responses to emails and phone calls is simply incredible and mind-boggling as to how you can do that on a consistent basis. There was no challenge, no matter how great, that you could not solve or handle for us. Keith and Herb, you are easily approachable, kind, understanding, and simply genuinely nice people to work with. I will sorely miss both of you and your entire team at Townsmen Management.